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Got Tint?
Got Plasti Dip?
Got Vehicle Wrap?


215 Motoring has become the #1 choice, Whether you are looking for Window Tinting, Plasti Dip or Vinyl Wraps you know you can trust and find it here at 215 Motoring.

We started our operation in Philadelphia, becoming one of the most trusted tint shops by ensuring our customers with high quality work,and service at a AFFORDABLE price! Our staff consists of only highly trained individuals who take pride in the work that they do. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience possible!

Our specialty is Automotive, Residential and Commercial tinting. All of our films from Sun-Gard, 3M and SunTek come complete with a FULL Lifetime Warranty! If your on a budget that's no problem at all, as we have auto tinting packages starting at $99.99! Bottom Line, we have Window Films to meet everyone's needs!


Low On Cash?? We now have Flex Pay available!

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